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What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a ferrous alloy with a minimum of 13% chromium content by mass. It contains sufficient chromium to undergo passivation, forming the properties of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.


Is chromium the deciding factor in stainless steel?

Chromium is the only deciding factor of stainless steel’s properties. When chromium is added into steel, making steel’s molecular motion moving toward the direction of protecting itself from oxidation. So chromium content decides steel’s level of oxidation resistance ability.


Only after cooperating with chromium, can nickel function in stainless steel?

Nickel is a great corrosion resistance material, and an important element in steel alloy. The function of nickel and chromium together in stainless steel is in changing high chromium steel’s tissue, thus, greatly improving stainless steel’s properties of corrosion resistance and craftsmanship.


What’s the best time to install stainless steel products (banisters, security window, guardrail, etc.)?

As concrete, sand, lime, chemical cleaning agent, etc. have strong acid-base propertywhich can cause corrosion to metal. So the best time to install stainless steel is three months after finishing painting and decorating a house.


With the same specification, is stainless steel the harder the better?

No, some inferior stainless steel tubes contain too much impurities such as carbon and sulfur, which can cause the rising of the hardness, declining of the properties of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. As a result, they get rust easily.  

With the same specification, some stainless steel tubes are softer, because they contain more copper, which can improve tenacity and ductility of the steel tubes, and maintain lasting lustrousness. They are superior stainless steel tubes.


Under what conditions does decorative stainless steel tubes get rusted easily?

Decorative stainless steel tubes getting corrosion depends highly on the environment which they are in. With the present of chloride medium (salt, for example), sulfuric acid, oxalic acid (for outer wall cleaning), hydrochloric acid, porcelain brightener (cleaning product for inner decoration), or building materials (concrete and sand), or washed by acid and alkali substances during the conservation process, they get rust easily. In addition, to avoid getting rusted, don’t get scratched by sharp stuffs, as it can break the boundary structure.


Why does stainless steel get rusted easily after cold deformation?

After going through bending, twisting, and folding, stainless steel gets emergonce of dislocation (means inner boundary structure is broken), leading to get corrosion and rust.

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